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Gdansk & Region

Pomerania Region is a genuine pearl on the map of Poland. Tourists attracted to this Region admire it’s beautiful nature and unique monuments from the past. All visitors have the sea, forests, mountains and scores of lakes and rivers within their reach. There is something for everyone. For lovers of active leisure – excellent conditions for sports: windsurfing, canoeing, cycling, hiking, riding, sea fishing, hunting and golf. History enthusiasts will certainly be interested in discovering the secrets of the incredibly rich past of Pomerania.



Nature lovers will retain unforgettable impressions from a visit to Pomeranian national and landscape parks, the most precious protected area in theprovince being the Slowinski National Park, where one of the few shifting sand dunes in Europeis situated. The Pomeranian land is a true paradise of Teutonic castles. The biggest and best known of them is Malbork Castle






The capital of the Pomeranian Region is Gdańsk – a city with a his¬tory spanning more than 1000 years. But now the role of metropolis is played by the Tri-City agglomeration created from the three cities located in the Bay of Gdańsk: Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia, where each of the cities has its own character and dynamics. Their combined population of nearly 750,000 inhabitants amounts to one-third of the population of the province.Pomerania Region is open for the world. International cooperation is easier due to its geographical location and the specifics of its economic potential as well as favorable Polish foreign policy and integration with the European Union.







Information about the region:

  • Area (km2): 18 310,36

  • Population (th.): 2 210,920

  • Provincial Marshal: Mieczysław Struk

  • Voivodeship website:



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Suma 171 16817


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