GCBeVENT is one of the first in Poland innovative smartphone app designed for events (congress, conference, workshop, exhibition, city game, etc). The app is free of charge. Gdansk Convention Bureau offers it to the organizers for events held in Gdansk & Region.


GCBeVENT app is available for all operating systems: iOS (iPhone), Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone in Polish and English language version. The system consist of CMS and mobile app.


GCBeVENT detailed functionalities:

  • list of delegates, speakers (connected with Facebook, Linkedin and  twitter accounts)
  • conference agenda (session, speakers, room, time) 
  • personalized agenda (possibility to choose from paralel session)
  • venue (accessibility, floor plan)
  • local map
  • transfers schedule, public transportation, taxi
  • sponsor zone - possibility to run quizzes, games 
  • post session evaluation forms

GCBeVENT app was used during such events as: Maritime Security, Maritime Systems and Maritime Technology fair (MAST), Blog Forum Gdansk, Transport Week, Nano-scale insights into lon Beam Cancer Therapy Conference (NANO IBCT) and many others.


NEW! There is a special website dedicated to the GCBeVENT app gcbevent.com If you do not have a special website dedicated to your event why don’t use our template? When uploading information to GCBeVENT CMS you can also select information that will automatically appear on gcb.event.com and that way you create website for your event: even-name.gcbevent.com




Download GCBeVENT from your market/store


Use these codes to check the test event - conference:

event code: test

e-mail address: gcb@gdanskconvention.pl

activation code: 0987


GCBeVENT app Rules and Regulations


"In our opinion, conference and event applications are crucial for international meetings. Delegates want to use new technologies." - says Anna Gorska, Gdańsk Convention Bureau CEO.


"GCBeVENT is an added value for the congress organizers interested in Gdansk & Region. They receive a modern tool that facilitate their events. Gdansk wanst to stand out against the competition. The app also reduce the cost of the conference, since organizer no more need to print materials. It is a CSR solution that we truly recommend." - Marta Wisniewska, CVB Coordinator.



If you are interested to use the app for your event please contact:


Mrs Agata Ziller
tel. +48 58 300 06 59




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